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We have been designing and manufacturing keypads, graphic overlays, front panels and other components for HMI for over 30 years. We support manufacturers of the devices for electronics in integrating various technologies and providing the best solutions. We also offer high-quality standard enclosures. With us you will start prototyping and mass production.

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The PEM® elements self-clinching fasteners Self-clinching fasteners are threaded nuts, studs or stand-offs that are mechanically pressed into metal or plastic, becoming a permanent part of a panel, enclosure or bracket. The common name of these connectors is PEM®,...

New enclosure – OKW Smart Control

SMART-CONTROL - plastic enclosure for corners and desktop useSmart Control - new standard enclosure from OKW Gehäusesysteme – for room corners installation. Ideal use for monitoring systems mounted on large areas. Therefore they give you great comfort of use, save...

Enclosures for IoT systems

Smart enclosures for electronic devices in IoT system   IoT technology becomes so popular and easily available, so the market reaction does not surprise. Manufacturers are doing everything to keep up with the trends and needs of customers. They introduce new...

Connectors for keypads – flex connections

Connection of the keypad with control electronics   There are many ways to combine the keypads with the control electronics. The choice depends on the materials used, technical conditions and customer expectations. At LC Elektronik we rely on the following proven...

Rigid panels part of front plate

  Usually the rigid boards are the basic element of the front panel. Together with the keypad, graphic overlay or display, they form a front panel. Depending on the needs, the boards are equipped with additional fastening elements or spacers. The selection of the...

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