Turn your invention into a shippable product!

Combine your electronic with our housing solutions.
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Turn your invention into a shippable product!

Combine your electronic with our housing solutions.
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Optical bonding – display amplification

Optical bonding is an excellent solution for electronics manufacturers. Significantly increases the quality of products, their durability, while maintaining the functionality of the device. Our Research and Development department has been improving this technology for...

Direct digital printing

Digital printing is a revolution in printing technology on an industrial scale. Often displaces the traditional screen printing method, because it gives interesting effects, allows to use of an infinite color palette and tonal transitions. The production process of...

TAKACHI enclosures WSC series

NEW IN! Takachi WSC series - plastic enclosure with IP67 protection class Takachi again surprises with modern design. This time, in February this year introduces new enclosures from the WSC series. First of all, an ergonomic sloping desktop is...

IoT Internet of Things – technology of tomorrow

Internet of Things (IoT) - a market worth millions IoT is a technology which will revolutionize the world. There is no doubt that it will affect all branches of industry. According to estimates, in 2020 there will be between 25 and 50 billion devices connected to the...

Summary of 2018 at LC Elektronik

The end of the year is a good time for summaries. It was a very busy year for LC Elektronik and it was full of many positive technological changes. So, we have managed to reorganize our production departments and modernize the plant by purchasing new...

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