Non-standard plastic case

The Story

The client liked the standard plastic case however, because of the visual identity of the company it had to be made in an unusual color. The change required time, but yet the client wanted to quickly release the pilot batch on the market.

The Solution

The company received the cases in the standard color, and with the digital printing, changed it to the desired color. The company also made some mechanical modifications and prepared graphic front foils, all this to make the product look just like the final version. In the meantime, production in the desired plastic color was launched, and the pilot batch delivered to the market at the right time paved the way for the final product.

The Benefits

The years of experience LC Elektronik has gained, as well as the wide access to the various technological solutions, allow the company to make a product that meets the client’s expectations.

Technologies used in this case:

  • digital printing
  • mechanical modifications
  • graphic front foils
  • custom plastic colour