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We share our experience to bring you closer to issues related to electronics and the technological process in our company. Here you will find information about products, materials and technologies

Rubber keypad

The rubber keypad is manufactured in the process of high-temperature vulcanization of silicone. Types of construction In the construction of silicone keypads we can make a division (get the contact) due to the conductive element. We distinguish three types...

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electronica 2018

The World's leading trade fair and conference for electronics – electronica 2018   The World's leading trade fair and conference for electronics - electronica 2018 took place from 13 to 16 November. The fair is held every two years and has already become a very...

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Divide and innovate

Application of a division technique in a company dealing in the integration of components for electronics Division technique in the SIT methodology The division technique involves the functional or physical division of the product or its components and then...

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WH series now available in new sizes! Waterproof enclosure with silicone We don’t have to introduce the enclosures of the Takachi WH series, because there are known to everyone. We value them for their modern look and functionality. The enclosure is made of ABS, has a...

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Square control enclosures with maximum operating comfort The new range of electronics enclosures made of durable ASA + PC-FR. OKW Protec enclosures have a square shape, but with rounded contours and with a recess for the convenient keypad or...

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OKW enclosures

Elegance and precision OKW (Odenwälder Kunststoffwerke Gehäusesysteme GmbH) is a leading German manufacturer of small electronic enclosures and knobs, known for its quality and aesthetics. History OKW is a company with a long tradition, it was...

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