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LC Elektronik helped us to adapt our project assumptions to the possibility of launching serial production of advanced vascular Doppler.

LC Elektronik created, tested and implemented the technology of connecting the membrane keyboard with the touch panel and display in our device. And this significantly shortened the chain of suppliers while maintaining the highest quality.

Paweł Karłowicz

Main engineer, Sonomed

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We offer consulting in the construction and design of HMI devices. Our team includes specialists in industrial design, technologists, as well as electronic engineers, mechanics and electronics technicians.

we like challenges

Every day, with great satisfaction, we face challenges from our customers. Thanks to the production capabilities, we are able to confront ideas with production reality in a short time.


number of devices produced in 2018


the number of completed new projects for our customers


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the number of new constructions developed in 2018



We have huge experience. Therefore, during one meeting we will advise you on how to reduce and simplify the production process of the device.

semi prototype

If you want to make a project, prototype or test a new product or material, you’ve come to the right place. We will help you and we will do it for you!


Do you want to check your concept, do you need an official report? we will do it for you!

case study

The mobile device for measuring signal strength

Our Czech customer, Ryston (, provides systems for industrial wireless communication. uses technology, using very low data transfers, which are sent at specific time intervals. Thanks to this technology, the power consumption is significantly reduced, and therefore the costs associated with it.

In this project were used:

  • WH Series enclosure from Takachi
  • Milling CNC
  • Membrane keypad
  • Optical bonding – the rigid of the display window

Leszek Czabak | founder

Creating new solutions is my passion

Electronics is not only my profession, but also a great passion. Therefore, searching for new technologies and finding technological solutions is not a job for me but pure pleasure. I like the time, when I work on technical drawings and I figure out how a given detail can be made. This is what makes me feel fulfilled and satisfied. I have been dealing with electronics for over 40 years, and for 30 years I have been using this knowledge in LC Elektronik.

Wojciech Olszewski | R&D engineer

I create and implement production technologies

I have been working at LC Elektronik for over 20 years. During this time, I gained enormous experience in the field of designing individual solutions for our customers. I used to work at the drawing table, but quickly switched to computer programs. Currently, I design everything in 3D.

Marcin Gapisz | Technical support

Clients are open to new technologies, we are here to provide ready-made solutions

Our electronics enclosure specialist, who knows almost everything about them. That’s why he’ll definitely choose the best one for you. He graduated from the Lodz University of Technology and as an engineer, so he is a specialist in mechanics and electronics. His knowledge and versatility make him run projects for the largest and most demanding clients. Privately an avid runner and amateur of competitive cycling, as a member of the cycling team “Husaria LC Elektronik” he participates in marathons. Animal lover, especially his bulldog Luis.


What are your technological facilities?


We have independently developed a technology for the production of membrane keypads, graphic overlays, milling, backlighting and recently optical bonding technology.

We have advanced CNC machines on each line, to which we create documentation on our own.


How many people does LC elektronik employ?


At present, we employ approx. 35 people, including 25 working in the production. The entire plant is located in Warsaw, at ul. Pułkowa 58.

Exceptionally, we carefully verify our suppliers and carry out full quality control.


Is LC Elektronik a Polish company?


From the very beginning, from the spring of 1988, LC Elektronik is a Polish, family-owned company. It was founded by Leszek and Magdalena Czabaków. LC Elektronik has always been involved in the production of membrane keypads and graphic overlays.


How long does it take to develop a tailor-made solution?


Of course it depends. Sometimes we create a new solution based on available and tested technologies
and materials. But sometimes we need to develop and check new constructions. At each stage of the process, we contact the customer, as a result, he knows what is happening with his project at every level.


How many people count the implementation team and the R&D department?


Currently, 3 people work in our Research and Development team and they all creating new solutions for our customers every day.

The team of designers creates 2 specialists. They create new projects as well as full production documentation.


are you able to produce a panel based on the transmitted technology?


In the case when the customer sends us full documentation, it is always verified by our R&D department. Thanks to this, we take full responsibility for the solution and for its implementation in production.


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