Who we are

Since 1988, we have been creating solutions for electronics. The client needs is our priority, that’s why from the beginning of the company’s existence, our main purpose is to create individual and comprehensive solutions tailored to the expectations of our clients. We specialize in the production and delivery of components and services for various types of HMI (Human Machine Interface) control panels.

We give the shape for electronics


In our plant we produce:

  • keypads in diversity and combined technologies:
    – membrane
    – rubber
    – PCB
    – Cu-flex
    – touch panels
  • graphic overlays and labels
  • operating panels and front panels
  • covers
  • display windows.


The devices require protection and binding, LC Elektronik offers a wide selection of enclosures and accessories from renowned manufacturers. You can choose from the following enclosures:

  • plastic or aluminum
  • waterproof IP67
  • mobile and handy
  • desktop and desk
  • laboratory
  • panel
  • for DIN rail
  • industrial.


Built-in technologies are something we like the most. We provide a range of services:

  • modifications and assembly
  • milling
  • digital print
  • protection against external factors
  • backlighting
  • precise dosing
  • flexible connections
  • optical bonding.


Technical consultancy

Many years of experience has allowed us to build a knowledge base, which we love to share with our partners. Thanks to this we offer something more than goods and services. You can rely on us at every stage of design and production.

Experience, advanced technology and the highest standards

Our strength is many years of experience, but we also care about the continuous development of our competencies, technologies and resources, thanks to which we provide our clients with products and services at the highest level.

For over 20 years, we have been operating in accordance with the highest quality management standards based on the ISO 9001 standard. More about the ISO

In our production, we use the highest quality materials supplied by reliable suppliers, for that reason, we carefully select subcontractors, components and raw materials.

Our team is a group of almost 40 specialists and experts in various fields. Thanks to their vast knowledge and experience, we carry out extremely demanding challenges.

Our comprehensive service and rich offer allow you to order everything you need for your interface in one place.

No matter how big or small your project is, our aim at LC Elektronik is to supply the highest quality product available.
We make your prototyping easy and your production slick.

We invite you to cooperation.

Our technical advisors will answer all your questions.

For over 30 years

in Warsaw

in our own production plant

with a team of 35 specialists

based on modern technologies

we create individual solutions for customers from different part of the world.

Technical support and sales

Marcin Gapisz

Marcin Gapisz

Marcin.Gapisz@lcel.com.pl +48 22 569 53 11

Krzysztof Kita

Krzysztof Kita

Krzysztof.Kita@lcel.com.pl +48 22 569 53 22

Tomasz Kamiński

Tomasz Kamiński

Tomasz.Kaminski@lcel.com.pl +48 22 569 53 07

Sylwia Szala

Sylwia Szala

Sylwia.Szala@lcel.com.pl +48 22 569 53 05 +48 735 963 166 skype: LC Elektronik


Leszek Czabak

Leszek Czabak

Leszek.Czabak@lcel.com.pl +48 22 569 53 00

Paweł Czabak

Paweł Czabak

Pawel.Czabak@lcel.com.pl +48 22 569 53 00