Enclosures for industry and electronics

TAKACHI ELECTRONICS ENCLOSURE CP., LTD. is a renowned Japanese enclosures manufacturer. It surprises with elegant, innovation and interesting design.

Takachi enclosure – modification and tooling

Modification of aluminum enclosure Takachi AWP series with engraving, printing and milling  For our customer, specializing in the production of professional lighting and audio equipment, http://vital-dl.com/ we have made a project that is worth attention. It is a...

TAKACHI enclosures WSC series

NEW IN! Takachi WSC series - plastic enclosure with IP67 protection class Takachi again surprises with modern design. This time, in February this year introduces new enclosures from the WSC series. First of all, an ergonomic sloping desktop is...


WH series now available in new sizes! Waterproof enclosure with silicone We don’t have to introduce the enclosures of the Takachi WH series, because there are known to everyone. Certainly we value them for their modern look and functionality. The enclosure is made of...

Takachi MXB aluminium enclosure

TAKACHI MXB series Another version of MX / MXA series handheld enclosures Aluminum enclosure with silicone band This is another enclosures from the MX family, this time with silicone band providing anti-slip and anti-collision protection. It...

Takachi MXF – aluminum enclosure

Takachi MXF seriesAluminum enclosure with flangeNew version of MX and MXA enclosures It is primarily an enclosure for network devices with an easy-to-maintain round structure.The basic features of Takachi MXF casings:aluminum profileflanged enclosure -...

takachi enclosures

Why you should choose Takachi enclosures?

We appreciate the quality and functionality the most, but also the reliability of the Takachi enclosures. For clients the most important advantages are their interesting design and a wide selection of sizes, colors and materials. What more important the Japanese manufacturer offers products at a reasonable price, especially in relation to quality. Takachi is constantly developing, does not cease in its efforts to expand its offer, all the time produce new models and improve existing ones, adding new sizes or new functionalities. In this respect, it is unrivaled on the market.

    Application of Takachi casings

    The wide range of casings from the Japanese manufacturer allows you to choose the right box for small electronics and the industry as well.

    The offer includes small cases, boxes or panels of various purpose, size and parameters. A large selection of accessories enables perfect product customization for your application. As the first in the global market, they introduced plastic enclosure with very high IP, which distinguishes their products all over the world.

    Takachi enclosures

    • Plastic enclosure
    • Aluminum enclosure
    • Diecast Aluminium enclosure
    • Heat-sink enclosure
    • Stainless steel enclosure
    • Hand-held enclosure – key fob and mobile enclosure
    • PCB mounting boxes
    • 19″ rack-mount enclosure
    • IP67, IP65 plastic box
    • UV protection
    • UL standard – high self-extinguishing ability
    • NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Association



    Takachi accessories


    • Rings
    • Silicone covers
    • Seals
    • Flanges
    • Battery boxes
    • Handles
    • Knobs
    • Iother accessories 



    How can I order the Takachi enclosures?

    All you have to do is place an order with our adviser. If you don’t know which enclosures to choose or you need advice, call our consultant.

     If you already know what you need, give us:

    • series and enclosures number
    • quantity
    • billing data

    and send the order to LC Elektronik adviser.

      When can I expect delivery of Takachi enclosures?

      We order the enclosures straight from the manufacturer, we are the official distributor of Takachi in Poland. Although the products come from Japan, the delivery time is only 7 business days.

      How to get a catalog and samples of Takachi enclosures?

      To obtain a catalog or samples of enclosures fill in the contact form or contact our sales department.


      You can also check the Takachi offer in the current e-catalog

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