Apra Norm – a specialist in enclosures for technologies and industries


German company with over 50 years of experience in the production of wardrobes and enclosures. It specializes in the production of plastic housings, and also has a wide range of 19″ rack and cabinet technology.


Why you should choose Apra Norm enclosures?

Apra Norm casings due to their durability and functionality are most often chosen by clients representing the transport (e.g. railways) and heavy industry.

Selection of enclosures from the Apra Norm family

Enclosures for data center and network technology

  • cabinets
  • wall mounting systems

19” system

  • 19” enclosures system
  • 19” cabinets system

  • rack and subrack



Electronical enclosures

  • Small enclosures

  • Desk cases

  • Industrial enclosures

Plastic and panel instrument enclosures

  • DIN rail housings

  • Panels

  • Small cases



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