One of the most popular services in our company is milling. We are very pleased that we can offer our customers a comprehensive service. We are the distributor of the best market brands of enclosures for electronics, among others OKW, Takachi, Hammond, Pactec, Apra-Norm or Rolec. And most of them need to be adapted to the customer’s needs.

What does milling mean?

Milling is one of the machining methods. The combination of rotary motion and sliding movement of the cutting tool gives the possibility of machining. You can mill all machinable materials such as metal, wood, plastics or MDF.

Thanks to this type of processing, you can give the material various shapes, make different patterns, grooves, holes, and even engravings and thread cutting.

Types of milling

By adopting different criteria, we distinguish the following types of milling:

Technological criterion

  • breast milling – the cutter’s axis of rotation is parallel to the work surface
  • face milling – the cutter’s axis of rotation is perpendicular to the surface being machined
  • angular milling – the cutter’s axis of rotation is at an angle between 0 ° and 90 ° relative to the surface being machined.

Kinematic criterion

  • out-cut milling – the workpiece moves in the opposite direction to the direction of the blade
  • in-cut milling – the workpiece moves in the direction of the blade’s direction.


Why are shortcuts not worth it?

Despite the fact that milling is one of the simplest and cheaper solutions to adapt universal enclosures, it requires extraordinary precision and appropriate technical parameters such as:

  • machining speed and feed
  • width and depth of cut
  • and the use of the right tools.


CNC milling machines

Unprofessional machining can lead to uneven edges, splintering, and differences between the position of the holes in each piece in the batch, which may result in a mismatch of the PCB to the holes.

That’s why at LC Elektronik, we focus on quality and experience. We use polished cutters of the highest quality, we supply our plant with modern CNC milling machines, including the Polish KIMLA brand.

Our latest machine from the HAVOK series by Plot Electronics allows to perform very precise machining of elements not only in serial production but also prototypes, thanks to the use of the latest technologies and a stable construction with a movable table.

Our team of experienced professionals is able to meet any technological task.

We offer milling enclosures in every plane, from various materials and non-standard shapes and in all quantities. Also according to the customer’s design, we also modify the enclosures provided by contractors.


Guidelines for the milling project

To order the housing milling service and get a quote from us, please send your project according to the following guidelines:

  • dimensioning with respect to the symmetry axis of the housing or the important edge
  • scale 1: 1
  • minimal radius r = 0.75mm (this is due to the use of a milling cutter fi = 1.5mm)
  • acceptable file formats: DXF, DWG, COREL
  • dimensioning, projection, according to PN-ISO 129: 1996, PN-78 / N-01608


Do you need additional modifications to your enclosure?