Products and embedded technologies

LC Elektronik – prototyping or serial production as easy as possible


LC Elektronik produces keypads in different technologies, which enables you to choose the best solution. We adapt the design and functionality to a particular application
and the requirements of the environment.

membrane keypad


PCB and Cu-Flex keypad


rubber keypad

standard keypad

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graphic overlay

screen or digital printed

Other products and services

front panels

combining materials and technologies

rigid plates

construction panels with assembling components


display windows

filters, technical coating,
EMI/RFI protection

optical bonding

optical rigid transparent elements in display windows


spot, through – key,
selective areas, graphic elements



modify and mill enclosures for electronics

digital direct printing

on different materials
ABS, PC, PMMA, glass, aluminum



industrial engraving of equipment and products

self-clinching fasteners

mechanically pressed threaded nuts,
studs or stand-offs

flex connections

silver or cu based
discrete flat to wire

individual solutions

solutions tailored to clients’ needs
and individual projects

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