Quality enclosures for industry and electronics

Hammond standard enclosures are a very successful combination of quality and price.

Hammond Manufacturing – over 100 years on the market

A company with over 100 years of tradition. Established in Canada in 1917. It started its activity with the production of radio sets and battery chargers. In the 1950s, began to specialize in the production of wardrobes, racks and enclosures for the electronics industry. The company is now a large consortium employing over 700 people.

    What distinguishes Hammond enclosures?

    Hammond Manufacturing specializes in the production of durable aluminum or steel casings, solid plastic housings, cabinets adapted for server and audiovisual equipment as well as transformers.

    We value them equally for plastic products, but also from die-cast and extruded aluminum.

    Hammond is a good solution if you care the most about solid construction, material strength and reliable construction.

    Hammond enclosures


    Hammond accessories


    • handels
    • feet
    • flanges
    • battery holders
    • plugs
    • DIN clips

    Waiting time for delivery of Hammond enclosures

    Enclosures are ordered directly from the manufacturer, if they are in stock, we usually deliver them within 7 days from the ordering date.

    Where can I see Hammond enclosures?

    You can view the enclosures on the Hammond website


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