Modifications and adaptation of catalog enclosures

Standard enclosures are a common choice of electronics manufacturers. However, personalization and adaptation of the enclosures requires to fulfill task of device, not only for the aesthetic and functional reasons but also technological needs. For more than 30 years, LC Elektronik has been modify for clients their enclosures and provides other necessary components, such as graphic overlays, keypads, connectors and assembly.

LC Elektronik is a distributor of enclosures from
reputable and world wide producers

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Machining and customization
of standard enclosures

Choose the service to create the perfect casing for your device

holes for connectors, cables and other components

direct digital printing on plastic and aluminum housings

engraving the serial number, bar code, graphic signs and company logo

membrane, cu-flex, PCB and rubber keypads

decorative foils, nameplates and labels

pressing threaded nuts, studs or stand-offs

If you have any questions, our consultant will provide any information and help in choosing the best solution