Modification of aluminum enclosure Takachi AWP series with engraving, printing and milling


For our customer, specializing in the production of professional lighting and audio equipment, we have made a project that is worth attention. It is a great example of how fantastic you can use the standard enclosure for the production of professional equipment.

Takachi AWP series

In this case, we are dealing with an extremely elegant casing from the AWP series of the Japanese manufacturer Takachi.


LC Elektronik modification

  • Laser engraving
  • Milling
  • Direct print

Takachi enclosure AWP series

Anodised, black casing with powder coated sides from Takachi is not only distinguished by great design, but also has some very nice functionalities.

Properties of the Takachi AWP

  • Strong impact resistant enclosure with tough silicone boot protectors.
  • Specifically designed with heat dissipation effect, EMC shielding and IP67 rating.
  • PCB or chassis can be horizontally mounted by sliding into an inner grooved body frame.
  • Available in 30 sizes and 8 different color combinations. Selectable from a total of 240 different combinations.
  • Suitable for measuring devices, industrial control box, industrial camera housing, etc.

Modification of a standard enclosure by LC Elektronik

  • ENGRAVING – On this elegant black case, the engraving looks particularly impressive. The engraving was made with a CO2 laser plotter.


  • MILLING In addition, we made very precise milling of holes for connectors and fans.


  • DIRECT PRINTING And at the end, we made a direct print on the sides. Direct printing is a better solution for this case than descriptive labels.

Professional equipment requires not only aesthetic enclosure but above all functional and protecting electronics. We really enjoy this project precisely because it meets
all of the above requirements.

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