Dorota has been with us for almost forever, since the early ’90s to be precise. Only the production manager has been with us longer. Dorota handles customer service and ensures that all data in our systems are consistent and uniform. If any of our customers are behind on payments, Dorota is the one dealing with them. Anyone who deals with this knows it’s not an easy task.
Thanks to Dorota, the battle against our extra pounds becomes a bit tougher. She often brings sweets and other delicious treats to our office. You should know that she’s one of those people who can eat any amount of food and still maintain her figure. Truly enviable!
Dorota is also an example of someone who almost always has an excellent sense of humor and brilliantly fosters relationships within our entire team. Her smile and cheerful attitude are as certain as our keyboards enduring a million keystrokes.
But that’s not all. Dorota demonstrates extraordinary professionalism and accuracy in her work. She rarely makes mistakes, and her precision and thoroughness are invaluable to us.
Thanks to Dorota, our daily work life gains an extra dose of joy, making our workplace feel more like a second home. We’re truly grateful to have her as a part of our team!