Easytec from OKW – modern enclosure with flanges for sensor in IoT and IIoT technologies


The new Easytec series are plastic flanged enclosures, which have been specially designed for wall mounting. The ideal solution for installing sensors in devices for IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and IoT technologies. The main idea of the Internet of Things is effective communication between devices to create smart spaces in factories, at home or on the streets. The essence of such a device is built-in sensors and control panels that collect data and provide it to the appropriate machines or equipment, controlling the production schedule or data about the value-added chain. Easytec is simply created for such applications.

The most important advantages of Easytec

  • strong and resistant enclosure – non-flammable ASA + PC material was used here
  • modern design
  • the possibility of increasing the degree of protection to IP65, thanks to the gaskets available as an accessory, which gives us the comfort of using devices in various conditions both indoor and outdoor.
  • standardly available in one discrete and elegant off-white RAL 9002 color (on request you can order a different color)
  • two sizes available (80 mm and 100 mm), each in two heights
  • thanks to handy brackets the enclosure is comfortable for wall-mounting, and thanks to profiled base also  onthe pipes and round profiles
  • simple screw connection with stainless steel Torx screws
  • easy PCB mounting on two levels


  • IIot and IoT
  • Sensor application
  • Environmental technology
  • Measurement and control engineering
  • Control technology
  • Medical and laboratory technology
  • Security and monitoring technology
  • Information technology



The enclosures available, you can order them now, and for one week we will deliver to you.

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