LC Elektronik is celebrating the 30th anniversary this year. We have three decades behind us, our company has come a long way, although the time passed so quickly. We started our business from a small family company located in a garage in Warsaw and we became a market leader, a dynamically operating production plant, a leading manufacturer of keypads, graphic overlays, front panels and the exclusive distributor of enclosures from renowned manufacturers. We employ nearly 40 employees and are constantly developing.

The success of LC Elektronik is primarily hard work, development, quality, modern technology, experience, innovation and most importantly a well-coordinated team – our superheroes – that is specialists in various fields.

On August 24, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary, the whole company celebrated. The event was in the style of the 50s full of color, good music, rock’n’roll, smile, pin-up style, and comic characters.

The choice of such a convention was not accidental. We have prepared a comic book whose characters have just been our team.

All employees and co-workers were invited to the rock’n’roll party. The first official part took place in our office at Pułkowa Street. Leszek Czabak, the president of the company, thanked all the guests for the 30 years of cooperation, and gifts were also given away. Everyone looked beautiful and colorful, that’s why this moment had to be immortalized. And it is best when it is fun – and here the photo booth session worked perfectly.

We were moved by a school bus for further travel in time to the 1950s, and this journey took place in a truly American style. Speeding through the beautiful streets of Warsaw, we arrived at the TGI Fridays restaurant for this tasty, less official part of the event. Words are unnecessary, better see for yourself.

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At this special moment, so important for us, we would like to thank all contractors,
suppliers and employees for these 30 years spent together.

We go further, but taking from the past what is good, the whole baggage of experience and knowledge.
We wish ourselves and all our business partners further success and great cooperation for the next decades.
Good luck!

Magdalena i Leszek Czabak
Paweł Czabak