Dynamic Markets – Dynamic Solutions

The Story

The client has assumed that approximately 10,000 units per year, within the period of three years will be produced. However, he was not entirely sure if the project would succeed. He also had to, for reasons related to the market situation, be ready with the first batch of 1,000 pieces within 45 days after the order has been placed. Within this time frame, he would not be able to prepare the injection mold, let alone manufacturing the first batch.

Our Approach

LC Elektronik has proposed a standard, mechanically modified by milling case, as well as a fast in implementation and cheap in production membrane keypad. The client made and sold 1,000 pieces of the product within the scheduled time. Still, he was not certain of the market reaction, so he did not decide on investing into an injection mold. For the next 24 months, every 30-40 days the manufacturer placed an order, 2,000 units in total (standard catalog case, modification and keyboard), until the market saturation.

The Benefits

Thanks to the flexible response to the market situation, neither the LC Elektronik nor the Client, have been left with the warehouse full of components and finished products.