The additional use for your device – task unification technique


This is the third meeting with innovations according to the SIT methodology. We go from multiplication to the next technique ­– task unification.

The task unification is based on giving new functions and on the synthesis of elements that together create a completely new quality. Thanks to this technique, we will find the additional use for a product.

For example, by adding wheels to the suitcase, you have a suitcase on wheels that is convenient to transport. By connecting your phone, camera, calendar, computer you get a smartphone. And adding a round brush to the dryer, you get a curling iron hairdryer.

When you look around well, you will see that innovations are everywhere.

Task unification in LC Elektronik

The simplest and the most obvious example of giving new functions in the production of LC Elektronik will be the use of a pocket for descriptions in membrane keypads. The adhesive is cut in the pocket space so that the hermeticity is preserved. This is a popular solution that our clients use. Simple and very practical.

This keypad gives you the possibility to use it to control several devices or to operate various functions, just because you can replace the description. The keypad with a plug in bag for descriptions can be standard and can handle up to a dozen functions or devices.

In a simple way, the membrane keypad becomes multitasking, which significantly facilitates the operator’s work.

Construction of the keypad with a plug in bag for descriptions

Another example of using the task unification technique can be a keypad with a hidden service key. You can change the function of the keypad keys by switching the control menu. Pressing this key causes redirection to another menu. Usually, only the operator and the serviceman know the location of this key.

In this case, with an arrow, we marked on this picture, where the key is located.

Multitasking and versatility is a sign of our times, but it is important for us that our products are simply practical, functional and reliable.

Our designers and the Research and Development department are constantly on the lookout for new solutions, technologies and better components.

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